curry - Create automatic curried method call closures for any class or object


use curry;

my $code = $obj->curry::frobnicate('foo');

is equivalent to:

my $code = sub { $obj->frobnicate(foo => @_) };

If you have a method name (or a coderef), you can call (as of version 2):

my $code = $obj->curry::_($method => 'foo');


use curry::weak;

my $code = $obj->curry::weak::frobnicate('foo');

is equivalent to:

my $code = do {
  Scalar::Util::weaken(my $weak_obj = $obj);
  sub {
    return unless $weak_obj; # in case it already went away
    $weak_obj->frobnicate(foo => @_)

Similarly, given a method name or coderef (as of version 2):

my $code = $obj->curry::weak::_($method => 'foo');

There are also $curry::curry and $curry::weak globals that work equivalently to curry::_ and curry::weak::_ respectively - you'll quite possibly see them in existing code because they were provided in pre-2.0 versions but they're unlikely to be the best option for new code.


How many times have you written

sub { $obj->something($some, $args, @_) }

or worse still needed to weaken it and had to check and re-check your code to be sure you weren't closing over things the wrong way?

Right. That's why I wrote this.


mst - Matt S. Trout (cpan:MSTROUT) <>


None yet - maybe this software is perfect! (ahahahahahahahahaha)


Copyright (c) 2012 the curry "AUTHOR" and "CONTRIBUTORS" as listed above.


This library is free software and may be distributed under the same terms as perl itself.